Chuff VOLCANO Pom-C for Goon 22mm

VAT included

Chuff VOLCANO, Pom-c material, for Goon 22mm

Available white or black color


Chuff VOLCANO, Pom-C material, for Goon 22 mm

What is POM C? (Acetal resin)

It is a semi-crystalline copolymer, which has a wide and widespread use due to its excellent mechanical properties.

This material is characterized by a series of properties that make it an alternative solution to replace some metals such as steel, brass, aluminum in many mechanical components.
The POM-C is suitable for mechanical machining on automatic lathes and is particularly recommended for the construction of precision parts.
Being physiologically inert, it is widely used in the food sector even in water at 80 ° C.
Since water absorption is almost nil, dimensional accuracy and mechanical stability is higher than that of polyamides.

The main characteristics of the Acetal Resin are:

  •     High mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness
  •     Excellent ductility and tenacity
  •     Good dimensional stability
  •     Low hygroscopicity (Low water absorption and therefore good dimensional stability even in humid environments)
  •     Good sliding properties and wear resistance
  •     Good workability on machine tools
  •     Good dielectric and electrical insulation properties
  •     Physiologically inert (suitable for contact with food)
  •     Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including many solvents

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